Paintings by Bo Bartlett: 1978–2002

Bo Bartlett’s powerful and engaging works are the substance of this book and the exhibition it accompanies, Heartland: Paintings by Bo Bartlett, 1978–2002,which toured nationwide in 2003 and 2004. They are at their best in an exhibition setting, where the full impact of their monumentality and relationship to one another can be more thoroughly appreciated. The book features forty-seven full-color reproductions of all works in the exhibition as well as others chosen to document the full breadth of the artist’s work over the past twenty-five years. Also included are an introduction by Charles T. Butler, essays by Al Harris-Fernandez and Sylvia Yount, and a conversation with Suzi Gablik in which Bartlett speaks candidly about his life and work.

The Columbus Museum in association with Marquand Books presents a new 2007 paperback edition of the 2002 Bo Bartlett book.