Winter 2010

In the spirit of "Change", this Winter season you'll notice changes to the website. The site has been up for ten years and it has served us well, but it had grown into a rather unwieldy thing and an overhaul was definitely past due. So to celebrate our tenth year online, we've launched a brand new website. Whether you are a new visitor or an old friend, we hope that the changes will make the site easy to navigate. The idea is to 'simplify, simplify, simplify,' even though we've continued to add content. 
So make sure you visit the updated 'Paintings' pages, which feature new paintings as well as newly scanned versions of older paintings. The new scans will provide larger image files. The new features allow you to click to view a larger image and or you may click on the image to zoom. These features are the best ways to view paintings that we've seen online and I'm very excited about it. The paintings are organized a bit differently than before but you'll still be able to visit the old favorites in the 'Archive' section. These changes have been made to allow the visitor a more in-depth look at the work; and to make accessing new work easier and faster. 
Also make sure you visit the new 'Photos' section, this will be updated from time to time to share with you what we've been up to, as well as to provide older archival bio photos. We plan to add some film clips to this section in the near future. We've tried to keep it simple and clean and keep the focus on the Art. This site would not be up and things wouldn't run as smoothly as they do without the tireless efforts of Betsy Eby, Anelecia Hannah and webmaster Dan Shafer. The recent paintings have been carefully photographed by the Robert Campbell and Alexis Hilliard team. 
We want to thank everyone for visiting. We get an extraordinary number of visitors from all over the World. We appreciate your company. We hope that we'll continue to provide an interesting, entertaining, and thorough experience of the Art for you. Feel free to email us with your thoughts, concerns and or questions. We'll be happy to respond. We hope that you enjoy the new website and we'd like to wish you all a happy Winter.
Best, Bo